Major Changes for Colorado “Limited License” Process

As many are aware beginning March 1, 2018 hunters can begin submitting applications for Colorado’s Limited Licenses. Please note for those that may not be aware, there are some significant changes to the process for which all hunters must be aware. Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) has transitioned to a new purchasing system effective January 2018. The new system sells all CPW products, including licenses, park passes and state park camping reservations. With this new system, applications for limited licenses will only be accepted online or over the phone (no more paper applications). Hunters can read and learn more about all the details (including FAQs) here: . Additional training and education material is also available here: .

In general, these changes will improve the overall process including no longer having to pay for licenses until you actually draw a tag (except for the $3.00 transaction fee). That said, there are some very important items to pay close attention especially the point about hunters must ensure their payment info is correct once a tag is drawn. If there are issues with your payment, they must be cleared up by the payment deadline or hunters will lose their tag and preference points. Another key change is OTC licenses, with and without caps, now go on sale after the leftover limited licenses go on sale to the public in early August.

For more information on the new process, please reference the links above and the Colorado DOW website: . One last and very important point is we (Colorado Outfitters LLC) strongly recommend that hunters don’t wait on getting their new profile set up in the new system. If you have a CID number from previous years, it is quick and easy to get set up in the new system. By getting yourself set up now, it will eliminate the potential for any last minute problems with getting your limited license application(s) submitted by the April 3rd deadline.