Videos provide insight on Wilderness Hunts!

Are you and /or your hunting partners new to elk hunting? Perhaps you are planning your first trip out west and need some help deciding what type of hunt is right for you and / or help with what to bring and how to pack for a Wilderness Pack-in Hunt. If this is the case, we recommend you spend the time to watch our video resources. Even those who have been elk hunting before may pick up some good tips!

Our first video: is targeted at those new to elk hunting in the interest of helping you better understand the differences between a fully guided hunt vs a drop camp (unguided) hunt. Just as importantly, it takes an in depth look at what constitutes “the ideal profile of a drop camp hunter” in the interest of ensuring it is the right hunt for you if you are considering one. The video concludes with some recommendations aimed at helping you (and your partners) select the right hunt for your interests and abilities.

The additional videos available for your reference are a three-part series aimed at providing insight on “what to bring and how to pack” for a Wilderness Pack-in Hunt. The first two videos of this three-part series are aimed at all our hunters; guided and non-guided (drop camp hunters). The final video in the series is for unguided (drop camp hunters only). The playlist of three videos is available here:

In closing, we believe you will find these videos valuable in planning for your hunt with us as these address the many questions, we receive from hunters every season. We hope you enjoy the videos and look forward to seeing you on your hunt with us in the future.