DIY Drop Camps with Colorado Outfitters

DIY Drop Camps

Many of our drop camp hunters are successful every year. However, a key ingredient to this is previous hunting experience for elk. Drop camp hunters should be confident and comfortable navigating / hunting in the back country on their own. Additionally, drop camp hunters need to bring and cook their own meals, cut their own firewood and purify their own water. Lastly, if you do harvest an elk, hunters need to be capable of skinning, quartering and packing it out to an area where we can get our mules to it. We will then pack your harvested game out to the trail head. Ideally, we prefer drop camp groups of four hunters. However, we can accommodate up to groups of six. If you have less than four hunters, please call to discuss.

Colorado Outfitters will provide wall tent(s), cots and foam pads, chairs, woodstove, a hot plate for cooking, pots, pans and all cooking/eating utensils. Per above hunters must bring their own food as well as a good sleeping bag, personal and hunting gear (see checklists). Hunters need to be conscious on the weight of their gear and food. Bring only what you truly need. If you have questions on weight and how best to pack, please call us.

Our drops camps reside in proven hunting areas for elk and mule deer. If you do plan to hunt deer and draw a tag, let us know as some areas are better for deer than others (all areas have a healthy elk population). Camps are anywhere from a two to three hour horseback ride and hunting areas are typically from 9000 to 10,500 feet in elevation. Communication from the back country is done via cell phone (verizon has the best coverage and works best). Hunting areas consist of dark timber, alpine meadows and aspen areas. One you find elk or deer in your area it is advised to hunt wisely and be careful not to push them out (i.e. this means staying out of bedding areas). You will greatly increase your chances by being patience as once elk are driven from the area, they can and will travel a long ways!

Generally, by summers end we will have our pack-in and pack-out dates scheduled. We will notify hunters well in advance of these along with the camp you will be hunting out of and the trail head / time where you need to meet us. If you have specific dates you'd like us to meet, please let us know well in advance and we will do our best to accommodate. However, please do keep in mind we have many camps to deal with and weather can play a role too. Drop camp hunters will be expected to drop their gear and food to be packed in at our Base Location by 4:00 pm the day prior pack-in (note: Unless hunting in one of our Summit Camps. In this case you will meet us at the Trail Head Parking lot the day of pack-in.).

Lastly, upon arrival at our base camp loction you will be briefed on horse safety, the hunting area (we will go over this with you in detail via TOPO maps), our policy and the importance of preserving our natural resources / primitive wilderness for future generations. 

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Elk Hunting

We offer archery, muzzleloader, and rifle elk hunts .  Choose from wilderness guided or base camp guided hunts.  

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See the various season dates and the hunt codes published by the Colorado Department of Wildlife.  

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