Base Camp Ranch Hunts
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Guided Base Camp Hunts

Our Base Ranch Hunts are for those who enjoy a few more comforts than what we can provide in back country camps. At our Ranch, we have a newly renovated bunk house in one of our rustic barns which includes two bathrooms, hot showers and comfortable bunk quarters. We can certainly accommodate couples too but please bring this up when scheduling your hunt to ensure we can accommodate the week you want to come.

A typical day at the Ranch starts early and will include a hearty breakfast with hot coffee waiting for you in the cook cabin. While you are enjoying breakfast, our staff will get sack lunches packed as well as round up the horses and mules we need for the day. After breakfast, you and your guide will head to the trail head (with horses) we plan to hunt that day. After a long day in the field hunters can look forward to a hot shower and full course dinner including fresh made deserts.

Hunting out of the ranch will be typically be at anywhere from 8000 to 9500 foot in elevation. Most hunts are done off horseback (although there are some good areas we hunt on foot too) riding anywhere from one to two hours from the trail head. We will generally then take off on foot hunting a mixture of country consisting of dark timber, aspen groves and high mountain meadows.

There are some potential advantages hunting out of the ranch as well. From the ranch, we can hunt several different drainage's via hunting out of different trail heads so if we are not seeing or hearing elk in one area we keep moving til we find them. Typically, we are hunting at a lower elevations out of base ranch which can work out well for those who may not be up for as physically demanding terrain as what is found in our Wilderness Pack-in Camps. Lastly, during the later rifle seasons when more serious weather comes into play, hunting out of the base ranch can be ideal as elk and deer start to move down to lower country with the onset of deep snow.

Hunting Information

Elk Hunting

We offer archery, muzzleloader, and rifle elk hunts .  Choose from wilderness guided or ranch house guided hunts.  

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Rates and Booking

Ready to book your hunt with Colorado Outfitters?  Check here for our most current rates and booking information.  

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Deer Hunting

We offer archery, muzzleloader, and rifle deer hunts.  For hunters with bonus points, you have an opportunity at a great trophy!  

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Trip Planning

Booked your trip?  Here are some resources and information to help you plan for a successful hunt with Colorado Outfitters!  

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Season Dates

See the various season dates and the hunt codes published by the Colorado Department of Wildlife.  

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Contact Us

Do you prefer to speak in person?  So do we!  Give us a call or shoot us an email and we can arrange a time to speak one-on-one. 

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