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Special Species Hunts with
Colorado Outfitters

Moose Hunts

We are here for moose hunters who have the preference points and draw one of Colorado’s most prized hunting tags. For non-residents (and residents), the Eagles Nest Wilderness is an option as bulls tags are issued for our area (i.e. GMU’s 37 and 371). From our Wilderness camps, we take good bulls on a regular basis. Given we are in the area all season, we have a good feel for where good bulls are located.

Within the Mount Zirkel Wilderness (GMU 14), only residents are eligible to draw a tag in this area.  There are some good bulls in the Zirkel too.  We are in this area all summer and fall so we see these bulls off and on all the time.

For all of the above, if you are planning to apply for a moose tag and interested in our services, please do call us. We can help advise you, put together a hunt to meet your interests, and potentially increase your chances of harvesting this trophy of a lifetime.

Sheep Hunts

The Mount Zirkel Wilderness consists of rugged country which of course means  good sheep country. Similar to moose, these tags typically can take years to build preference points and then some luck to draw. Therefore, if you draw one, you want to take full advantage of the opportunity.

Some of our summer camps and horseback rides are near areas inhabited by sheep which enables us to understand what rams are in the area and their habits. If you have the preference points and are considering applying, please call us. We will work with you to put together a hunt that best gives you an opportunity to harvest one of these trophies.

Bear and Mountain Lion Hunts

For those hunters looking for an opportunity to harvest a nice black bear, Colorado’s limited rifle season in September offers a good chance to do so during a nice time of year to be in the field. Weather is typically great in September with cool nights and nice days. More importantly, bear are on the move this time of year feeding to get ready for winter.

 These tags are easy to draw and can be drawn with no points for all the areas we operate. In particular, the Mount Zirkel Wilderness has some big black bear.

If you are interested in a bear hunt, please give us a call and we’ll put together a hunt for you! This time of year also offers some excellent backcountry fishing. Therefore, there is an additional opportunity to do some fishing especially given the best time to hunt bear is the late afternoon and evening.

For those interested in a mountain lion hunt, please stay tuned to our website! We are working on offering lion hunts next winter and should have more information posted by late summer or early fall.

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